Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sam's Summer...STILL No Dark Lord Story???

Look, the dude sitting in the middle sit on the plane took up so much room, I couldn't even blink, let alone pull out a computer and type. So I'm sorry. It's coming, but for now...

Sam Adams Summer Ale has hit the shelves, along with the Summer Styles variety 12-pack. You get your usual Boston Lager, Sam Light, and of course the Summer Ale, but you also get Blackberry Witbeer (mmm, I can see myself drinking one of those after having too much of everything else on a hot afternoon, then throwing up the sweet, purply beer all over. Sorry), Sam Adams Pale Ale, and a new IPA: Latitude 48. Sounds like the title of a Jimmy Buffet album. It's a darker in color, lighter in ABV (5.8%) style IPA, and is unremarkable but drinkable. Supermarkets sell these Sam Adams variety packs for way too much, like 16-17 bucks, but Kelly Liquors always seems to have them for $12.99.

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Elizabeth Bond said...

You, kind sir, have just made my night. Thank you. And you couldn't be more right about the Witbeer. As much as I love my Sam Adam's, they need to stop with the fruity beer. Cherry Wheat? Yuck.