Monday, April 5, 2010

The Rich get Richer, but I Just Stay Drunk

Well, the NCAA Men's Basketball Finals just ended, and like I dreaded, Duke has won. I don't even follow college basketball, but I just had to watch in case I got to see Duke lose. Now I understand why NASCAR fans used to hate Jeff Gordon just because he won a lot (well, that, and they all thought he was gay. I don't care if a Duke player is gay, but I feel the hate). I don't like pompous people, and all the Duke lovers I have met fit into the pompous category. I want to drink to commiserate with the Butler fans. Actually, I want to drink because, well, that is what I do, but a good reason makes me feel better about it. Luckily I have some leftover Easter present to myself to ease the pain: a growler of Marble's DIPA and a growler of their Simcoe Pale Ale. Simcoe is my favorite hop, and Marble's Simcoe Pale is excellent. Mixed in with the DIPA, it becomes the RoboHop Bionic Beer. I get my Iron Chef on and mix the two to create the perfect beer. I use a spoon to stir and everything, just like a real chef would. Try it yourself, if you feel you have the necessary skills.

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HopHed said...

I was just commenting about how much I like the Simcoe Pale Ale to a friend back in Indiana.